Operation Take Back 
Springettsbury Township - 2013 
 Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in your community!


Operation Take Back Springettsbury Township will continue to monitor the activities of our local government and keep the residents informed on the actions of their elected officials and the Township Manager!



We are at a critical point with the potential outsourcing of our Emergency Medical Service.  It has come to light that Supervisor Schenck, along with former Supervisors Bishop and Bowman previously gave direction to the Manager to outsource our EMS.  The majority of the new Board has temporarily halted this move until they can review financial data provided by the Manager as to the cost of keeping our own EMS.

We believe that our current EMS has been stifled in its growth and certainly has the potential to be quite profitable, if given the opportunity.  Aside from the dollars and cents, our EMS has provided tremendous service to this Township since the 1950's.  The personal care given by the dedicated men and women of our own EMS cannot be duplicated by an outsourced agency!

We are asking that everyone who feels that Springettsbury Township should maintain their own EMS and not outsource this service, come to the Township meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2014, beginning at 7:00 PM.  Your presence will be a tremendous show of support and your comments, if you chose to provide them to the Board, would be extremely helpful.

We ask that you please pass the word to your friends, family, neighbors, etc. and ask them to come to the meeting.  Anyone who could provide a personal experience which they had with our EMS is encouraged to do so.

Please help the Springettsbury Twp. Ambulance personnel retain their jobs and show your appreciation for the excellent service they have provided!

Dave Trott
Operation Take Back Springettsbury Township - 2013



Now that the election is over and the new Board is
settled in, the agenda created by the "Good Ole Boys" is coming back to haunt the Township.

Bill Schenck, the last serving member of the Good Ole Boys has finally admitted that he and former Supervisors, Bishop and Bowman were/are the driving force behind eliminating our Township Ambulance and replacing it with a privately contracted Ambulance.  With all the previous denials by Schenck, he has finally made it known that he wants rid of our EMS employees!

It appears that the elimination of the Springettsbury Ambulance has been a part of the master plan of the creation of YAUFR.  Schenck professes that the elimination of the Springettsbury Ambulance is a cost-cutting measure.  However, when you drill down into the details you find that our Ambulance actually pays for itself!  Furthermore, if the Board would bring the EMS up to a reasonable staffing level, put a second Ambulance into service, and train our EMT's to provide Advanced Life Support as Paramedics, the Springettsbury Ambulance could show an significantly increased revenue stream for the Township. 

At the last Board meeting the Director of the Springettsbury Ambulance Club, Ken Myers, provided the Board with interesting information, which most Board members did not know.  The Ambulance Club has provided the vehicles for the Township EMS for many years, Myers said.  The lease agreement is for $1, which means that the Township has enjoyed the benefit of new Ambulances at the cost of only $1 per lease agreement.  Mr. Myers also stated that the Township presently has two Ambulances, which could both be put into service together to handle the missed calls.  Mr. Myers also said that the Ambulance Club presently has enough money to purchase another Ambulance.  The Ambulance would only be purchased if the Township is going to maintain the Township EMS and not outsource the service, Myers said.  Mr. Myers said that if the Township does not outsource the EMS, his group would once again begin to fund raise for future Ambulance purchases.

There are many changes which could be made within our EMS, which would also increase their revenue.  With the amount of money which has been thrown at creating and maintaining YAUFR, I seriously doubt that cost-cutting is even in Schenck's vocabulary.

Supervisor Schenck's huge ego won't allow him to accept these facts!  Perhaps the job was already promised to White Rose and now Schenck cannot find a way to get out of the deal???

Previously, when Schenck felt that the Township Police Department no longer needed their K9, he wasted thousands of dollars to prove his point.  Regardless of how many people told the Board that the K9 was an invaluable tool and was cost effective.  The Board finally relented and continued the K9 program!

Now that the other two Good Ole Boys have left the Board, it is hard to believe that Schenck is still able to run the Township!


I have previously written about how the Township's Police Pension Obligation has steadily risen since John Holman has become Manager. (See Below)  At the February 27, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Schenck decided to attack the accuracy of my information.

Schenck said that there is no problem with the funding of the Police Pension.  Schenck said that the Pension was 87% funded and that the Benchmark was 80%.  Schenck also said that the Manager has no control over the Pension's funding status.  As usual, these comments were made towards the end of the meeting, when the public can no longer comment.

At the March 13th meeting I responded to Schencks comments.  The timing of this discussion was very interesting, as the Auditor General had just released a report on the Commonwealth's Underfunded and Distressed Pensions.  Springettsbury Townships Police Pension absolutely fell within the guidelines set by the Auditor General. 

I advised Mr. Schenck of the Auditor General's report and that some of the "facts" presented by Schenck were inaccurate.  Schenck stated that the Benchmark for satisfactory funding of a pension was 80%, which is wrong.  The Auditor General said the Benchmark is 90%.  Schenck also said that the Police Pension is 87% funded, which is also incorrect.  The Police Pension fund is actually 83% funded.  The Auditor General also identified courses of action that can be taken to help with a Pensions Unfunded Liability.  These were the same items which I previously stated that John Holman could use to help the Pension.  I still maintain that the Manager is mismanaging the Police Pension and has not used the resources available to him to stop the unsustainable costs!

Even with the information from the Auditor General staring him in the face, Schenck stated that "he" still doesn't believe we have a problem with the Police Pension!  Again the ego factor!  How short-sighted can a person be.  As a twenty year Supervisor and multi-year member of the Police Pension Board, Mr. Schenck's lack of knowledge of the Pension fund is inexcusable.   Mr. Schenck's personal agenda to do what he wants rather than what is best for the Township is a perfect example of why we should have term limits for Township Supervisors!


Police Pension - Township Obligation
of Unfunded Liability
2002 $96,849.00
2003 $102,000.00
2004 $222,000.00
2005 $436,000.00
2006 $395,706.00
2007 $456,107.00
2008 $459,255.00
2009 $488,451.00
2010 $484,174.00
2011 $696,041.00
2012 $612,400.00
2013 $621,000.00
2014 $640,060.00


                2014 - A NEW BEGINNING

The Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors reorganized Monday evening, January 6, 2014.  Newly elected Supervisors, Kathleen Phan and Mark Swomley were sworn-in and sat with the Board for the first time.

Supervisor George Dvoryak was voted as the Board Chairman and Supervisor Julie Landis was voted as the Board Vice Chairperson.

I anticipate that George Dvoryak will do a good job as Chairman.  George is intelligent, diplomatic, and most importantly, unlike Supervisor Bill Schenck, he does not appear to be intimidated by the Manager, John Holman.

Bill Schenck appeared to be visibly upset when passed-over for the Board's two top positions.  Mark Swomley looks to be the new head-bobber for Bill Schenck as he looked to Schenck throughout the evening for guidance on how to vote.  This is quite sad for those who voted for Swomley, believing that he would be an independent thinker and bring a new perspective to the Board!

Supervisor, Kathleen Phan was voted to be the Townships representative on the YAUFR Commission.  Kathleen has an extensive history of working with volunteer Fire Department's and will be a much-needed breath of fresh air for the YAUFR Commission.

Unfortunately, the nomination for former Supervisor candidate, Larry Crumling to be the YAUFR Commission Citizen At Large representative, fell short by one vote for an appointment.

Larry Crumling also expressed an interest to be on the Planning Commission.  Larry submitted his resume as instructed by the Board and heard nothing more about the position.  At the reorganization meeting Larry was nominated for the position but, again the vote was defeated 3-2.  Along with all his other Board related duties, Mark Swomley appears to be remaining on the Planning Commission.  More of the same monopolizing of entities within our local government!

                                     YAUFR COMMISSION

The YAUFR Commission is comprised of two representatives from the Springettsbury Twp. Board and two representative from the Spring Garden Commission along with one Citizen At Large.  All appointments are for a period of two years.  The Citizen At Large position nomination is supposed to be rotated between Springettsbury and Spring Garden.  Interestingly, Springettsbury Township has never nominated a resident of Springettsbury to serve on the Board as the Citizen At Large.  The YAUFR Board has been dominated by Supervisors Bill Schenck, Don Bishop, and Citizen At Large, Austin Hunt (Spring Garden resident), since the inception of  YAUFR in 2007.  You can't help but wonder if a Spring Garden resident really has Springettsbury Township's best interest at heart!?  Nonetheless, the Township that pay's 60% of the YAUFR bills has never appointed one of their own residents as the Citizen At Large.  Spring Garden has seen their Fire Services budget go down with YAUFR, while Springettsbury Township's Fire Services budget has gone up considerably.

A small change was made to the monopoly of the YAUFR Commission by the addition of Supervisor Phan, however change cannot be made without a majority of three members agreeing on a particular issue.  As I have discussed in previous articles, there are issues within the YAUFR organization which are never brought to light by the Commission.  The most serious problem is the fact that, no other municipalities have joined YAUFR!  As mentioned above, Springettsbury's Fire Service cost have increased significantly while the number of trucks and personnel which respond has been reduced.  Equipment issues has been an ongoing battle with YAUFR.  YAUFR management attempts to "make-due" with equipment which needs repaired and/or replaced, to include major repairs such as a leaking fuel tank on a ladder truck. 

YAUFR was a huge investment for Springettsbury Township and it seems that the problems which exist within are kept quiet by trying to keep the same Commission members, year after year.  Yes, it is obviously time for new YAUFR Commission members to bring positive change to this organization!

All-in-all the meeting went smoothly as the gavel was passed to George Dvoryak!


Operation Take Back has previously made its case for the termination of the Township manager.  Many issues were taken to the Board, however, they seemed unconcerned with his poor work performance and numerous alleged violations of policy.

John Holman becomes less impressive with each passing day in his performance as Township Manager!  What you will read below is an embarrassment to our Township!

During the Board of Supervisors reorganization meeting, Holman was asked by Supervisor Landis, if the retainer fee for Buchart Horne Architects is paid on an annual or one-time basis.  Holman responded that the Township actually does not pay a retainer fee at all to Buchart Horne.  The engineer representing Buchart Horne corrected the Manager, answering the question, that the fee is paid on an annual basis.  This is very typical of the Manager... if he does not know the answer to a question, he has been know to just give an answer rather than simply say that he is unsure and will get back to the person.

Another change made within the Township government at the reorganization meeting was returning Jack Hadge as the treasurer, thereby removing John Holman from the position.  When John Holman was questioned by Board members if the Treasurer's duties are in his job description... he did not know.  Holman picked-up the 2nd class Township Code book and began looking for his job description.  Jack Hadge told the Board that the function of the Treasurer is very much a part of his job description and that he spends a fair amount of time dedicated to the tasks of Treasurer.

                            WITH NOTHING TO SHOW

I requested and received via the Right To Know law, invoices submitted the by Ballard Spahr Law firm, specifically Atty. Pat Harvey for services rendered in the Teamsters contract negotiations.  The total was approximately $45,000 over a two year period.  The Teamsters contract has been expired for two years and the same issues exist now as they did when the negotiations began.  You may remember that Pat Harvey was found to be a "personal reference" on John Holman's resume.  This was brought to the Board's attention over a year ago, but, they did not seem to care.


What I have listed below is just the Township's portion of the Police Pension Unfunded Liability.  As you can see in the chart, when John Holman took over as Manager, the Township paid $96,849.00 into the Police Pension Fund.  The amount paid by the Township has grown throughout the Manager's tenure to a high of almost $700,000 and is projected to be approx. $640,000 in 2014.  This is unsustainable and the Manager has nothing in-place to stop this out of control expense!  This is tax money that is being paid because of poor management, which could be better spent on other Township expenses!

It is not my intention to alarm the citizens.  It is my intention to force the Township Manager to do his job and look to the future to avoid serious consequences, down the road!
Police Pension - Township Obligation
of Unfunded Liability
2002 $96,849.00
2003 $102,000.00
2004 $222,000.00
2005 $436,000.00
2006 $395,706.00
2007 $456,107.00
2008 $459,255.00
2009 $488,451.00
2010 $484,174.00
2011 $696,041.00
2012 $612,400.00
2013 $621,000.00
2014 $640,060.00

This is the leader of our Township who is earning nearly $130,000 per year and who has been paid $10,000 annual bonuses for his job performance.  I think we should get a refund from him for his terrible performance!

By the way, the Board is currently considering another raise for the Manager!


I would like to thank all the Supporters of Operation Take Back who, with our collective voices, have sent a huge message to the Township Manager, Solicitor, and the current majority of the Board of Supervisors!


Kathleen Phan 3544            Mark Swomley 2256          Larry Crumling 2188

It was truly amazing to see the number of votes, cast for Kathleen Phan and Larry Crumling.  Even though Larry was not elected, the 68 votes which separated him from Mark Swomley, was certainly a victory in and of itself!!!

To think, that Mark Swomley, who was backed by the Good Ole Boys and various current and former politicians, along with the core of the "York County Republican Party" won by only 68 votes, is astounding!  Just 35 votes taken away from Swomley and given to Crumling would have changed this entire election.

We make no excuses and are proud of the accomplishments of Operation Take Back, since its inception:

  • Two incumbent Supervisors will leave office in January.  At least one of these Supervisors was planning to run for another six year term!  These two men are strong supporters of the Township Manager and comprised two-thirds of the majority of the Board/Good Ole Boys.
  • On the other hand, the "people" have gained a new Supervisor, Kathleen Phan, who is loyal to the citizens and will work as a Public Servant.  Kathleen will bring much needed common sense to the Board!  Kathleen will monitor the activities of the Manager, Twp. Solicitor, and the Twp. Engineer, and hold them accountable for their actions! 
  • TRANSPARENCY -   Since the beginning of Operation Take Back, we have exposed the decisions made by the Board of Supervisors.  Previously, much of the activities of the Board were not know by the majority of the  residents.  These actions , which had previously been unknown by the majority of the residents.  We showed a course of behavior involving favoritism, bullying, and reckless spending of taxpayer  dollars.  It was apparent that the majority of the Board had lost the true reason why they had run for the Supervisor position.  It was if they actually believed that the money they were spending was their own and did not have to answer to anyone!  They also gave the Township Manager far too much power; we are still having to deal with decisions he has made, which have negatively changed this Township, quite drastically!  The new majority of the Board will not tolerate this type of behavior and will respect the people who elected them!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - We have consistently communicated with the Board, telling them of the displeasure of their constituents, the demand for positive change, and accountability.  It culminated with an overwhelming show of support at the polls, which has sent a huge message, which cannot be ignored!!!   Only recently have the Good Ole Boys and the Manager began to talk about transparency and shown a concern for the citizens wishes!  Even Mark Swomley felt it would be a good idea to indicate on his campaign handouts that he will "hold key Township executives accountable" and invited the residents to "hold him accountable in the same fashion."  Yes, he will be held accountable!  Trust me!!!

During this period, Chairman Schenck called Operation Take Back a small group of malcontents!  In a recent newspaper article, a former Township Supervisor stated that Operation Take Back had a small membership of just a "handful of people"  These were very naive comments made by people who do not understand Operation Take Back.  Operation Take Back is not a club to be joined, it is the voice of the people; a means for the citizens to communicate with the members of their local Government!  They were proven so wrong by the thousands of residents who supported Operation Take Back and are demanding change and accountability in Springettsbury Township!

NEXTOperation Take Back Springettsbury Township - 2013 has informed thousands of people of many issues involving our local Government!  We will continue to report on the activities of our Township Administration and Board of Supervisors, to ensure accountability!  We will see how the new makeup of the Board handles these issues and look ahead to the 2016 election. 

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and encourage the citizens to stay involved and hold their Government accountable!  This is our Township and these are our elected officials.  They work for us and we deserve their respect!

Please feel free to contact Operation Take Back with questions or information, which you would like to be posted on the website!

Dave Trott

         Democrats + Republicans = Take Back

We are a non-partisan organization asking for all residents to help
"Take Back Springettsbury Township!"

(Regardless of party affiliation or if you have no party affiliation!)

Please be advised that the comments made on this website have not been endorsed by any candidate; the candidates will speak for themselves!  We however, will only endorse a candidate who promises to serve honestly, with integrity, and with the understanding that they are "public servants!"  For our endorsement, we ask nothing more than this of the candidate!


Please help by:

-Making a donation to Operation Take Back.  Make checks payable to OTBST2013 at PO Box 3533  York, PA  17402 (All donations go directly to campaign fund!)

-Allow us to place a campaign sign in your yard, closer to the election.

-Volunteer to work at the polls on election day.

Thank you,

David G. Trott



My name is David Trott, I am a retired Police Officer with Springettsbury Township.  I have witnessed first-hand the mishandling of the Township by the Township Manager, John Holman and how the current majority of the Board of Supervisors Bill Schenck (20 years on Board), Don Bishop (20 years on Board), and Mike Bowman (over 10 years on Board) have protected the Manager at all costs.  There is a Good Ole Boys Network within our local government, which has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in reckless spending!

I created this website in April, 2012 as a means for our residents to become informed of what is really taking place in their Township.  These Supervisors have controlled this Township for many years with little or no oversight!  Once we began to understand the decisions which were being made by this Board, we realized that we must bring change to our local government!

Posted 10/14/13

I was asked recently if the new candidates were going to completely change the Township?  The resident did not want to see this, as they believed that the Township is a good place to live and has many benefits.

That was an excellent question and I totally agree that, Springettsbury Twp. is a wonderful place to live.  It is my understanding that Kathleen Phan and Larry Crumling want to build on the Township's positive features and eliminate the negative or counterproductive aspects of the Township.

For the most part, people only see the positive and don't really know about the negative, unless it personally involves them or someone they know.

Most people do not know the following about our Township:

  • Nearly $40,000.00 was spent searching for a new Police Chief when there was a highly qualified/trained candidate within our own Police Department.  The Manager elected to hire a City of Philadelphia Police Officer to become the Chief.  Upon his arrival, the new Chief was trained by the Springettsbury Twp. Police Officer who had acted at the Chief for several months but, not given the job!  The new Chief was given a $5,000.00 raise after only six months of employment!
  • The current majority of our Board of Supervisors want to outsource our Ambulance by renting the services of an outside vendor!  Because of the public outcry to keep our own EMS, which has served our Township since the 1950's, the Administration has attempted to confuse the residents by stating that they only want to improve our Ambulance by providing Advanced Life Support and putting two Ambulances into service.  Not true!  They want to replace our Ambulance!  The fact is, the Township  could provide these additional services while still maintaining our own Ambulance Service.  We currently have trained Advanced Life Support personnel employed by the Township, however, they are not allowed to work as such.  We also have two Ambulances available to us, however, the Manager refuses to put the second Ambulance into service!  Don't be fooled!!!
  • The current majority of the Board of Supervisors, along with the Township Manager merged our Fire Department with the Spring Garden Twp. Fire Department at a significant cost to both Townships.  We now pay much more for less Fire Service!  To try to lessen the budget, staffing has been reduced and the equipment is kept in poor working condition!
  • A Firefighter was hired from Prince George's County Maryland to be the Chief of the newly merged York Area United Fire and Rescue (YAUFR).  The new Chief is among the top paid Fire Chief's in the Commonwealth of PA.  YAUFR's new contract includes a salary for their Firefighters, which is among the lowest in the Commonwealth of PA.
  • The current majority of the Board paid the Township Manager $10,000.00 bonuses each year without a single evaluation of his performance.  This practice stopped when it was exposed to the media.
  • The current majority of the Board elected to build a new $5 Million Fire Station, without considering the expansion/renovation of the current Fire Station.  The new Station is being built in a flood-plain, in close proximity to an assisted-living facility and a new Hotel!

The list goes on and on!  These are the types of things which need to be changed in Springettsbury Township!  Common Sense decisions have been replaced by reckless spending.  The Manager and the current majority of the Board act as though there is an endless supply of money in the Township.  Their huge egos have replaced their obligation to be public servants and answer to the citizens!

Only recently, since we have exposed these and other issues, do we see some small improvements in the Township's transparency!



Supervisors Mike Bowman and Don Bishop are leaving the Board, which has opened their two seats for this election.

Operation Take Back Springettsbury Township - 2013 supported three candidates during the Supervisors Primary Election.  Two of our three candidates moved on to the General Election, which will be held on November 5, 2013.

Over 3,000 votes were cast for the candidates supported by Operation Take Back during the 2013 Supervisors Primary Election!  Democrats and Republicans were united at the polls, demanding positive change in Springettsbury Township!  This election is not about political parties, it is about electing two candidates who will bring positive change to our Township!

We supported candidate, Kathleen Phan, who ran as a Republican.  Kathleen won both the Republican nomination as well as the Democratic write-in for the second spot on the Democratic ticket for Springettsbury Township Supervisor.

We also supported candidate, Larry Crumling, who ran as a Democrat.  Larry ran unopposed and will also move on to the November, General Election.

Operation Take Back will continue to support candidates Kathleen Phan and Larry Crumling in the General Election on November 5, 2013.

It is imperative that both these candidates are elected to the Board of Supervisors for positive change to occur in Springettsbury Township!  We are asking that all citizens, regardless of party affiliation or if you have no party affiliation, to come together to support Kathleen and Larry on November 5th.

Kathleen Phan (Republican)

Click here to learn more about Kathleen & Larry and some of the issues surrounding this election.

Larry Crumling (Democrat)


For the first time in many years the residents of Springettsbury Township have the opportunity to change the majority of the Board of Supervisors.  To do this, we must win both of the Supervisor seats!

We must start with a clean slate and elect two Supervisors who have no affiliation with the current majority of the Board.  This current Board has made some extremely poor decisions which have negatively affected our Community.  Their reckless spending has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in unnecessary projects and purchases, which simply were not necessary.  Here are just a few examples of decisions made by these men, which has negatively impacted our Township:

-This BOARD has hired and retained a Manager who has been controversial and counterproductive for the good of the Township, to say the least!

 -This BOARD created YAUFR, which has cost Springettsbury Township hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars more, for fire service, and resulted in less fire protection!

 -This BOARD has allowed the Manager to hire a police officer from the city of Philadelphia to be the Chief of Police and completely change this local police force!

 -This BOARD is contemplating the outsourcing of our own Ambulance Service!

 -This BOARD has authorized the spending of more than 12 Million dollars during a significant economic recession to build a new Fire Station, Police Station, and make renovations to a ten year old Administration building and a 10 Million dollar park.

 -This BOARD was sued for violating a developers civil rights, which cost the Township $80,000 and the Township’s insurance company an additional $90,000.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE ABOUT THIS)


Kathleen Phan (Bio)

Larry Crumling (Bio)
Letter To The Residents

None of the candidates running for Township Supervisor have ever been elected to a legislative body, similar to that of Township Supervisor.  Each bring a variety of work and life experience, however, each candidate, if elected, will have to learn the position, while performing the job!

Here are some things which separate Kathleen Phan and Larry Crumling from the other candidate, Mark Swomley.

First and very importantly the Good Ole Boys are supporting Mark Swomley in this Supervisors election!  They are desperate to maintain their power and control of the Township!

Kathleen Phan and Larry Crumling:

  • Are the only candidates who have acknowledge problems with the current Board of Supervisors and the Township in general!
  • Are not politicians but, are ordinary citizens, your neighbors, who are willing to give their precious time to make change in Springettsbury Township!
  • Will be public servants, listen to the citizens, serve with common sense, honesty and integrity!
  • Are the only candidates who are not affiliated with or being endorsed by the current majority of the Board of Supervisors and will not be inappropriately influenced by them!
  • Advocates of less government and more transparency from our government!
  • Are opposed to eliminating the Springettsbury Township Ambulance Service.
  • Are committed to making our Township more Resident friendly, Business friendly, and Employee friendly!

Mr. Swomley has never acknowledged the problems which currently involve our local government!  Do you really believe that, if elected, Mark Swomley will work to resolve the issues created by those who support him???

Don't be fooled!  We cannot afford more of the same in Springettsbury Township!

Posted 8/12/13

The current majority of the Board recently approved 12 MILLION dollars for various projects in the Township.  Being that there was no money saved for future projects, all this money will be borrowed.  The reason why no money was saved is because every penny that comes to the Township is spent frivolously! 

Kathleen Phan and Larry Crumling will eliminate the reckless spending which is currently the rule of the Board!  Your future taxes depend on this!!!

The current Board boasts that property taxes have not been increased in nine years.  Mr. Swomley also makes this claim on his campaign literature.  What they don't tell you is that, if the spending had been done more wisely, taxes could have been reduced.  They also don't mention the fact that the Local Service Tax was raised from $10 to $52.  This money was supposed to be placed in the Capital Reserve Fund for future projects.  This never happened and now all the money for these projects must be borrowed.  The Board has also increased fees on your sewer service and trash collection!

Our only hope for change is to elect two candidates who have no affiliation with the current majority of the Board.  Vote for change!  Vote for Kathleen Phan and Larry Crumling!


  What you are about to read is not fiction,  and it is not a political attack on the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors and the Township Manager.  We are simply sharing historical and current facts of what we consider..., "SERIOUS ISSUES"!  We have provided shocking data that many residents may not be aware of, and we will continue to provide information until the necessary changes have been made.  Unfortunately, over the years our "public servants" have lost sight of common sense fundamentals and their expected civic duties!

The restoration of the taxpayer's trust and confidence cannot occur without the REFORM of a NEW BOARD in 2013!   We plan to ensure that Springettsbury Township will move forward in the best possible direction with a Board, which acts with total transparencyhonesty, and integrity

This website would not have been necessary if the current majority of the Board of Supervisors (Supervisors Schenck, Bishop, and Bowman) would have listened to the many people who have come before them, over the years, with their problems, concerns, and complaints. Instead, the Administration and the Board Of Supervisors seem to be unresponsive and many times unwilling to listen to the people. They have forgotten that THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE YOU- the taxpayer! 

We have not forgotten; that is why your vote on November 5, 2013 is so critical to make the changes that will put the "people" back in the people's local government!"

What is taking place in Springettsbury Township is the result of the following:

  • The majority of the Board of Supervisors (Supervisors Schenck, Bishop, and Bowman) in Springettsbury Township have been in place for an extended period of time and they have lost sight of why they were elected and to whom they serve!
  • They have become complacent in their duties and blindly allow the Township Manager to make key decisions without the proper guidance from the Board.
  • A belief that, we, the Board, must dictate what a homeowner can or can't do on their own property!  More and more ordinances have been enacted restricting the citizens!
  • They have fallen into the "Escalating Power Syndrome!"  We are the elected officials and we can do what we want!  Some Supervisors have even become angry when their authority is questionsed!
  • Careless spending of the citizens money!  The Township's cash surplus seemed to give some Board members a false sense of financial security and proper fiscal management became less important!
  • A feeling that there is no need for government transparency!  You would be outraged at how some Board members speak behind closed doors!
  • A strange relationship developed almost immediately between the majority of the Board of Supervisors and John Holman in 2003, following his hiring as the Township Manager.  He was given full reign with his decision-making; he was protected against the many complaints which were brought to the Boards attention; and his salary was increased dramatically without a single evaluation to determine his effectiveness!
Presently, Springettsbury Township is being run by a dictator, who has been given unlimited power by a Mangers Ordinance that was written and implemented by the Board of Supervisors years ago. As a result the Supervisors are powerless with certain decisions that take place in our township, and the manager is not held accountable for his actions!  Who is leading who? The Supervisors are elected to govern and give direction to the manager, and this is not occuring- an example is the outdated Managers Ordinance that gives "Czar-like powers" to the manager. WE need to change this and now is the time for that CHANGE TO HAPPEN!

Recently, thousands of taxpayers dollars were spent on a search for the selection of the new Chief of Police.  The search was unnecessary as the Department had a highly qualified Officer, with extensive training and experience, who was quite capable of taking over the position.  In fact, many members of the community, local business leaders, and law enforcement professionals overwhelmingly supported Lt. Daniel Stump as the next Chief of Police.  Even when three of the five members of the Board of Supervisors expressed their desire to have Lt. Stump promoted to Chief, John Holman defiantly proceeded to bring a Police Officer from the Philadelphia Police Department to be the Chief of Police in Springettsbury.  Also in disregard for the Police Department's succession plan, which clearly indicated that Lt. Stump was the most qualified and prepared for the position!

  The Manager showed a lack of respect for the wishes of the Board, yet, for whatever the reason(s) the majority of the members of the Board of Supervisors turn their heads, rather than confront John Holman who supposedly works for them!

Following the announcement of the new Chief of Police, many citizens and members of the York County Law Enforcement community were incensed with what had taken place.  One high ranking official made the comment, "that was just political suicide!"  Nothing seems to phase John Holman though, he has the power and he wields it at will.  Hiring John Holman was a mistake and mistakes do happen.  However, the failure to correct the problem was and continues to be a detriment to Springettsbury Township.  It is unfortunate that the majority of the Board of Supervisors, which have allowed the Manager to gain more and more power, seem uninterested in how he uses this power!

Complaint after complaint has been filed against Township Manager, John Holman, yet the current majority of the Board of Supervisors (Supervisors Schenck, Bishop, and Bowman) do nothing to bring him under control! There are no checks and balances with this good ole boy network!

Please read our Mission Statement to learn how, together, we can restore honesty and integrity to the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors and the Township Administration.

We need less government intervention and more respect for the wishes of the citizens of our community! 

                                   OUR MISSION

Operation Take Back Springettsbury Township - 2013 is a community based initiative to restore honesty and integrity to the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors and Township Administration.

Local community issues affect all the citizens of
Springettsbury Township.  Over the past several years the current Administration and Board of Supervisors have lost sight of who they represent - "you, the taxpayer."  Respect for the citizens and the Springettsbury Township employees is no longer a priority for some board members and the administration.

We have found a large number of citizens who felt they have been treated poorly and unfairly by the Township and their complaints have been brushed aside.  One of our organizations goals is to bring these citizens together, to share their stories and show them what needs to be done to promote change!

Operation Take Back Springettsbury Township - 2013 believes that the 2013 Board of  Supervisors election will be determining factor of whether the Township continues on this path of self-destruction or will the citizens reclaim their community.

We have worked diligently to find the right public servants to fill these Board positions.  We have endorsed these candidates as they have no "personal" agenda and are strong in their convictions of revitalizing the reputation of Springettsbury Township!

It is imperative that the two incumbents, Donald Bishop and Mike Bowman be removed from the Board when their terms expire on 12/31/13!

Together we can make a difference!!!

Since the inception of this website, Supervisor Mike Bowman decided NOT to run for reelection!  Supervisor Donald Bishop did petition to run in the May 21, 2013 Supervisor Primary Election, but then, withdrew his name!

These two events are significant in our mission of bringing common sense back to this "out of control" Board of Supervisors and restoring the good reputation of Springettsbury Township.

We must now start with a clean slate and elect two candidates who have no affiliation with the current majority of the Board of Supervisors!

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